• Details to Snake out this Summer

    Aug 10 2017

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    How well do you know snakes? Do you know that Florida contains both venomous and non-venomous snakes that you are likely to come across in the wild? If you saw…

  • Summer Toxic Plants

    Jun 20 2017

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    Sago Palm Palm trees can be found in all parts of Florida: from the beach to the park, your backyard to an ornamental houseplant. One palm tree to keep an…

  • What is the dog flu?

    Jun 02 2017

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    What is the dog flu? The “dog flu” refers to Canine Influenza. Many different species can get an influenza virus. Those that can be infected include birds, pigs, horses, dogs,…

  • Let’s Talk About Ticks

    Sep 16 2016

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    You may not know this: there are hard ticks and soft ticks. Soft ticks generally don’t bother with humans or animals and, therefore, don’t spread disease to us and our…

  • Leptospirosis – Protecting You and Your Pet

    Jul 27 2016

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    Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals. Leptospirosis (lepto for short) is spread through the urine of infected animals. The bacteria can survive for months in water…

  • Blue-Green Algae

    Jul 11 2016

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    You  may have recently heard about the blue-green algae blooms which are affecting Lake Okeechobee and some beaches in South Florida. With all the news about beaches being closed, you…

  • Summer Poisonous Plants

    May 26 2016

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    The official start date for summer is around the corner! Summer means more time spent outdoors with our family and furry friends. It also means being aware of summertime plants…

  • How To Clean Your Pet’s Ears

    Mar 29 2016

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    Follow these easy step by step instructions for cleaning your pet’s ears. STEP 1: Lift up on the ear flap to straighten the ear canal. If possible, point muzzle downward.…

  • Spring Poisonous Plants

    Mar 07 2016

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    Responsible pet parenting includes knowing what plants are toxic to our furry kids. The safest way for plants and pets to coexist is to have only non-toxic plants in your…

  • Determining What Is Right For Your Pet

    Feb 18 2016

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    We are bombarded with information about pet care through commercials and advertisements on the internet and in stores. Our friends share their thoughts on pet foods with us. Even the…