Mar 29 2016

How To Clean Your Pet’s Ears

Follow these easy step by step instructions for cleaning your pet’s ears.

Hold the ear open.

Hold the ear open.


  • Lift up on the ear flap to straighten the ear canal. If possible, point muzzle downward.
  • Apply small amount of ear cleaner into the ear canal.
  • If your pet resists putting the bottle by the ear, try soaking gauze or tissue and squeezing into the ear. Or slowly dribble ear cleaner against the upper inside ear flap and let gravity draw the cleaner down into the canal.
Apply ear cleaner to the ear.

Apply ear cleaner to the ear.


  • Use one hand to lift up the ear flap and with the other hand massage the firm cartilage at the base of the ear where the ear meets the head. You should hear a squishing sound as you do this.
Wipe away excess ear cleaner and debris with gauze.

Wipe away excess ear cleaner and debris with gauze.


  • Wipe out the debris in the outer canal using gauze or natural cotton, only going to the depth your finger can reach.
  • Do not use Q-tips as they can tear the fragile irritated lining of the canal and predispose to chronic ear infections.


  • Stand back and allow your pet to shake debris and cleaner out the ears.
  • Repeat steps one through four.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes before applying medication. Otherwise, medication will be overwhelmed by the ear cleanser and may be shaken out by your pet.

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